Thursday, July 11, 2013

El Malecón.

The day I arrived into Havana, Daniel and I took a long walk along the Malecón. We needed to get from the hotel to the other side of Havana via this road, and after our ride didn't work out, we just decided to make the trek on foot. I'm so glad we did, too.

The Malecón is the road that spans a long portion of the city along the sea front of Havana. To me, it is iconic of the city, in a way. 

Walking down the Malecón the first night.
We walked the few miles along the water, watching the classic cars drive by and just enjoying the atmosphere. I must admit, I felt incredibly fortunate. Cuba isn't a country where many (American) people get to visit, and that certainly didn't escape me as we walked down the famed, seaside road that night.

The next day, we crossed over to the other side of the harbor, and we got a full view of the Malecón. AMAZING.

(Call me crazy, but the Malecón reminded me of the Corniche in Jeddah, so I actually felt right at home.)
The Corniche, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
 Anybody else see it? Just me? Anyway...

We traveled along the Malecón, both on foot and in the car, several times in the few days I was there. Of course, my snap-happy fingers snagged some sweet photos.

Looking over at the lighthouse from the Malecón.
A couple of fisherman.
A really big boat.

Cristal, "La cerveza preferida de Cuba". It doesn't get much more Cuban than this.

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