Thursday, May 27, 2010

Four cities in four days.

So the title of this is a pretty good description of my life in the days?

I hopped on a train Saturday night from St. Andrews (day one) to Edinburgh, spent some time looking after three cute, southern kids (like the kind that say yes sir, no ma'am) while their parents ran the Edinburgh marathon (day two). Through no fault of their parents, the traffic around the reunion area where I dropped the kids off was pretty atrocious, causing me to miss my train. I had to buy another train ticket, first from an incompetent woman who tried to sell me a ticket for a train that had already left, and second, from a condescending woman who would best be described as a cow. In the second instance, I was proud to have opened up a can of all-American, which she totally deserved, I'll have you know.

Anyway, I got to London that night and pretty much conked out as soon as I got home. Monday (day three), I paid a much-needed visit to the hair stylist in Maida Vale, then posted some love letters to my people in the Bubble when I headed back to St. John's Wood. I really am quite fond of those two places, especially. I had a good dinner with my mom, and I went to bed at about 2am after a good chat with my brother, and some last minute packing (which never takes a 'minute').

Getting up two hours later (i.e. 4am) I headed off to Heathrow to catch my 7:50am flight to Chicago. I arrived into O'hare at 10:50am (day four) and was picked up by the woman I'm living with for the summer. I'll introduce you to her later. She's lovely. Chicago is beautiful, as always, and the sunshine welcomed me into this awesome city.

If I never have to city-hop like that again in my life, that would be just fine with me. As much as I love traveling, which I do, I'm definitely a home-body. Now I just have to figure out where home is. *Sigh*

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  1. Lindsay, I'm with you on the homebody front. I've nestled into this town, and the feeling of "what's next" is slowly burning away because I just want to stay a tiny bit longer!

    I'm so excited to see you in Chi-town (there is no way we are not meeting up).

    You've inspired me to start up (yet another) blog. I have 15 more days in this town. More than I can count on my fingers, but less than I can count on both fingers and toes! That scares me.

    Love. You. xo